Welcome to MPT Tansen Residency Gwalior - MPTDC , Gwalior , India

MPT Tansen Residency Gwalior - MPTDC

Tansen Residency is a great accommodation option. It is a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern and provides great value for money.

The hotel building is a one-storeyed structure, made to resemble a fort. Expect to be treated royally by a warm and friendly staff at the hotel, who make sure the guests are well provided for during their stay here. The hotel has been equipped with modern facilities amenities for the convenience and comfort of the guests.

Tansen Residency-MPTDC is located at Mahatma Gandhi road. Guests who love history can admire historical spots like Tomb of Tansen (Approx. 4km), Archaeological Museum, Gwalior (Approx. 6km), which are located near the hotel. Constructed in Mughal architectural style, the Tomb of Tansen site holds many festivals and competitions for promising musicians and singers. With a garden surrounding, the tomb is simply an architectural wonder and is worth admiring. Other tourists places worth-exploring are Teli Ka mandir, Tigra dam and Sun temple.


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